CloudFlare - Access Errors - Bad Gateway Tuesday 2nd July 2019 14:52:00

Due to issues with Cloudflare (Our DNS provider and load balancer) customers may be unable to access and their instance. We are working with Cloudflare to investigate and resolve this as a priority

Cloudflare Status

Investigating - Cloudflare is observing network performance issues. Customers may be experiencing 502 errors while accessing sites on Cloudflare.

We are working to mitigate impact to Internet users in this region. Jul 2, 13:52 UTC

Watching - Cloudflare appears to have resolved the gateway issue. We have bypassed Cloudfare for all traffic whilst we await confirmation and will continue to review.

Jul 2 - 14:15 UTC

The root cause of this outage was our global CDN Cloudflare having issues with a firewall rule they had deployed that contained a regex that used 100% CPU on their edge node boxes.

We are looking into ways of disabling Cloudflare quicker if a situation like this were to arise again.